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Install Feature

WinZip's® Install feature makes it easy to install software distributed in archives. The Install feature is available if an archive contains an "install" or "setup" program, a desktop theme, or a screen saver. This help topic describes the software installer.

Caution: you should be careful when installing any kind of software. Be certain that you trust the source of this Zip file. Do not install anything contained in a Zip file that was attached to an unexpected or suspicious e-mail message. See Security Hints and Tips for additional information.

The software Install feature performs these functions:

  1. Extracts all the files to a temporary folder.
  2. Runs the Setup program.
  3. Deletes the temporary installation folder and files.


To enhance the security of your files if the original archive is encrypted, any file that is temporarily extracted during this process will be automatically wiped prior to being deleted from the temporary location.

The Install Window

If you are using the WinZip Ribbon interface, click the Unzip and Install button in the Tools tab to open the Install window.

Use the Minimize during install checkbox to control whether WinZip will be minimized while running the install program.

Click the OK button to begin the installation.


Self-extracting Windows archives are treated as a special case. If you have opened a self-extracting Windows archive, the Install feature will simply run the self-extractor instead of extracting all the files to a temporary folder, running the setup program, and deleting the temporary installation folder and files.

If the Unzip and Install button is grayed out, but you recognize an installable file, you can use the Unzip and Try Feature to try to install the software in the archive.

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