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WinZip Pro and WinZip Enterprise feature

WinZip Secure Backup

The WinZip® Secure Backup applet differs from the Advanced Secure Backup within WinZip in that it is much simpler, but it provides fewer options. However, this simple applet will make creating a Zip file from a specific file or specific folder on a regular basis easy.

Simple Secure Backup

In the picture above you see the Backup tab, with options for creating backups. Then, in the section below, much like WinZip Background Tools, you see that there are four default backups ready for you to use and a fifth that was created to demonstrate that you can use the Create button to make one of your own. You can manually run any backup by selecting it and clicking the Run button. You also can configure WinZip to automatically run any of them, set how often (in days), tell what time it should run, and pick the day it will all start. You must have the Enabled box selected for any backup you wish to run in this way.


There is also a Restore tab:

You can use this to pick any of your backups in the lower section and then restore all the files in the Zip file, only some of the files, or just open the backup Zip file in WinZip. To have the restore process replace any files with the same name without asking you if it is OK, you will need to click the box next to Replace Existing Files.