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Printing a List of the Files in a WinZip File

To print the list of files shown in the main WinZip® window, open the File tab and then choose Print.

The columns shown in the WinZip window will be printed. The standard Print window lets you choose which printer should be used, how many copies are printed, whether to print in landscape or portrait mode, etc.

Note: if you are using the Default view, when you select print, only those items that appear in the Zip file pane will be printed. If you are looking to print the entire contents of your archive, use the Classic window display.

You can also print a listing of the files in an archive from a Windows Explorer window. Simply right click on the archive and choose Print from the right click shortcut menu.

Hint: you can change the content of the printed file listing by changing the columns that are shown in the WinZip window. To do this, cancel the print request, right click on any column header and choose the columns you want, and click Print again.