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Using WinZip Courier with Outlook

WinZip® Courier will start automatically when you open Microsoft Outlook. The most common usage for WinZip Courier is to zip (compress) email attachments and possibly, upload them to ZipShare or another cloud services. However, Courier has had many additions and improvements, so that you may choose to make use of one or more of our 8 conversion options for your files.

There are two basic ways to use WinZip Courier in Outlook to zip your email attachments. Both modes are very easy to use and allow you to encrypt the files in the Zip file.

  • Automatic: In the Attachments Options window reached from WinZip Courier Options, you will find the settings for Zip Attachments. The default is to Zip attachments, but you can choose to Encrypt them (also zipping them), or have Courier prompt you about zipping.
  • When you click the Send button, WinZip Courier automatically zips all files that are attached to your email message. All of the attachments are zipped into one Zip file. You can temporarily disable automatic zipping for a message by clicking on the Zip Attachments button to deselect it.
  • Manual: On the Insert tab of a new email message in Outlook 2013, 2016, or 2019 Courier provides four manual options. You can attach a Large File, attach a file or files as a Zip file, create and attach a Combined PDF File, or have Courier insert links to files you already have uploaded to a supported cloud service.


You can configure how you want WinZip Courier to interact with Outlook using either the WinZip Courier Options window or directly on the ribbon of the new email message itself. Settings changes made on the WinZip Courier Options window will affect all email messages; whereas, changes that are made directly on the ribbon in a new email message only affect that email.

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