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What's New in WinZip Courier

WinZip® Courier - the compression utility for E-mail.

WinZip Courier makes it easy to zip (compress) the documents and other files that you attach to Microsoft Outlook. Zipping attachments saves transmission time and disk storage for both the sender and receiver of the e-mail. WinZip Courier also allows you to send large files easily using the ZipSend file delivery service to anybody.

WinZip Courier helps you from within your Microsoft Office applications (Word, PowerPoint, and Excel), from within Outlook, and even from within Hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo! Mail in Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Firefox. From Outlook, you can zip any attachments in a variety of different ways. From your Office products, you can instantly zip and e-mail any document on which you are working or save the file as a Zip file. From Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Firefox, when you attach files to your emails in Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and/or Microsoft's Hotmail, Office365, and Live.com, WinZip Courier will automatically zip your attachments.

WinZip Courier is highly configurable and allows you to control exactly how it operates. You determine how the zipped attachments will be named, whether or not they are encrypted, the encryption method, and the compression method. In Outlook you determine which attachments are zipped, as well as how and when they are zipped. You also determine when and if to use the a cloud service to deliver your attachments.

Version 12.0

  • Attachment Manager in Read pane: Courier's attachment manager feature is now available when reading emails as well as creating them.
  • Convert from PDF: Courier can now take any PDF files you attach and convert them to other document types.


Version 11.0

  • Improved under the hood: Updates to Courier 11.0 give you a faster Zip file engine that will also provide the smallest possible Zip files and it makes use of newer programming.
  • Duplicate File Compression: Like its bigger, older cousin WinZip, Courier can now place a very small reference file wherever it detects a file that is an exact duplicate of another. This feature is only available when you create a Zipx file.
  • Conversation Attachment Manager: This new feature allows the user to see a list of attachments for the current email conversation they are reading and more.
  • PDF File signing: When you configure your own certificate with your signature, you can then have Courier "sign" your PDF files.


Version 10.0

  • Encrpyt email messages: When using this option, WinZip Courier will save your email as a .msg file, add encryption, zip it, and attach the encrypted Zip file. Any Zip file utilty that supports AES encryption can then unzip your email. If the receiver has Courier, the message can be unzipped and viewed at the click of a button.
  • Combine PDF files: Courier can now combine any number of PDF files you attach into one PDF file.
  • Office 2019 support: Updates to Courier makes it compatible with Microsoft Outlook 2019.


Version 9.5

  • Convert image files: Courier can now convert any supported image file to any of the other image file types.
  • Remove Personal Data: Select this new conversion option to remove your personal data from the files you send.
  • Automatic downloading of files for conversions: Since the library of files used for conversions is quite large and considering that some users do not want to convert, Courier now installs without this library. However, if and when you first elect to convert files, Courier will automatically download and install the necessary libraries.


Version 9.0

  • Use of the Most Recently Used list: When used with WinZip, Courier can now give you access to WinZip's Most Recently Used Zip file list as a place from which to select attachments.
  • Schedule for Deletion: Files that will be saved to your hard drive or cloud service can be scheduled for automatic deletion.
  • Conversions without zipping: Single file attachments can now be converted when the user opts not to zip.
  • When set to automatically zip: You can now select to have the email subject as the name for the Zip file being created from the attachment or attachments


Version 8.0

  • Zipping support for MP3: MP3 file compression makes it easier than ever to email large files faster and in a smaller format. With 15-20% greater compression functionality you can send MP3 attachments quickly – and all through the email platform of choice.
  • Configurable promped zipping: Prompted Zipping makes it simple to decide when to zip and when to skip! Specify conditions when attachments should zip automatically or choose real-time zip prompts.
  • Append date to Zip name: Optional Date Appending reduces the possibility of overwriting files. Append the send date/time to the default zip file name in a flash. Quickly and easily identify newer attachments and eliminate human error from the equation!
  • Support multiple cloud service accounts: Multiple Cloud Account Support enables users to enjoy on-the-fly choice of which account to use – all in real time. Never again logout of one account to use another! You’ll increase productivity and reduce your downtime – in no time.
  • Save Office files to cloud: Now zip and save your Microsoft Office files directly to the cloud. For extra security, encrypt and share with confidence.
  • Firefox 64-bit supported: Courier 8.0 now supports the 64-bit version of Firefox. 


Version 7.0

  • Microsoft Office 2016 support: Courier 7.0 is designed to install and work with Microsoft Office 2016
  • FIPS-140 supported (Enterprise only): The Enterprise version of Courier 7.0 will create FIPS 140-2 compliant Zip files when properly configured
  • Exclude the zipping of specific file types: Unlike standard exclusions, configuring Exclude Attachments will cause Courier to ignore these file types even when there are multiple files attached to a message.
  • Office 365 Outlook supported: Courier 7.0 is designed to work with Outlook online provided with your Office 365 subscription.
  • Open WinZip Courier Help from the Start menu: WinZip Courier Help is now an item on the Start menu providing an easy access point.


Version 6.0

  • MediaFire cloud service added: MediaFire, another leading cloud service provider, has been added to Courier
  • Zoho web email service: Support for the webmail provider ZoHo is now included with Courier 6.0
  • ZipShare service: The ZipShare cloud file sharing service was added to replace ZipSend. You can sign-up for the service while using Courier. Purchasing an upgrade to ZipShare Pro through Courier is also available.
  • Google Chrome and Firefox browser support: Support for new security changes to the Google Chrome and the FireFox browsers has been added.
  • New Courier icons (version 6.5): Courier has been given a fresh new set of icons


Version 5.0

  • Automatically share via Cloud Services - WinZip® Courier connects to several leading cloud services, including ZipSend, Box, SkyDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, CloudMe and SugarSync.
  • Email links to your cloud files - Select files you already have stored on your cloud services to have links to them automatically inserted in your email message.
  • Convert files as you share them - Convert to PDF directly from Microsoft Office apps, add watermarks to protect images and PDFs, and resize images to more convenient sharing sizes.
  • Compress files even more - New enhanced Zip engine so you can make Zip and Zipx files smaller than ever.


Version 4.0

With WinZip Courier 4.0, zip, encrypt, and safely deliver large files without skipping a beat! Simply write an email, attach as many files as you need, and click Send—Courier will take care of the rest. Version 4.0 new features include:

  • Improved zip technology: Courier 4.0 introduces significantly faster zip techology that integrates even more smoothly with your existing email processes. Now you can zip and deliver email attachments faster than ever before!
  • Improved ZipSend capability: It's now more convenient than ever to send large files using our ZipSend file delivery service!
  • Extended language support: Courier 4.0 introduces full support for multiple languages, making it ideal for multi-lingual work environments: Český (Czech), Deutsch (German), English, español (Spanish), Français (French), Italiano (Italian), Русский (Russian), 日本語 (Japanese), 简体中文 (Simplified Chinese), 繁體中文 (Traditional Chinese), 한국어 (Korean), Portugues (Brazilian Portuguese), and Dutch.
  • Full 64-bit support: Courier 4.0 introduces support for 32-bit and 64-bit systems (including both versions of Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook). This is ideal for computing environments that employ both older and newer machines.


Version 3.0

Version 3.0 of WinZip Courier (formerly called WinZip E-Mail Companion) significantly expands on the capabilities of older versions:

  • Microsoft Office 2010 support: Now you can instantly zip and e-mail the documents you are working on in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and you can save your current document as a Zip file.
  • Microsoft Office Ribbon UI integration:WinZip Courier's new UI is designed to plug right into the Outlook and Office 2010 and 2007 ribbon UI as well as the Outlook and Office 2003 toolbar UI.
  • Zipx advanced Zip file compression including JPG compression: WinZip Courier 3.0 allows you to choose between "legacy" Zip 2.0 compression (compatible with any Zip file utility) and "Zipx" best compression, which provides the best Zip file compression (and a special compression method for JPG files) but requires a compatible Zip file utility such as WinZip 12.0 or later.
  • Image resizing: Save even more space when sending pictures. Resize photo attachments when zipping so your high-resolution pictures send faster and fit standard computer screens
  • Zip file preview: See the content of Zip file attachments in Microsoft Outlook 2010's preview window (also Outlook 2007) with the Zip file previewer. Double click on a file in the Zip file previewer for Microsoft Outlook to open it for viewing
  • Password-based AES encryption: Use strong passwords or passphrases to protect your confidential information from unauthorized access with WinZip Courier's 128-bit or 256-bit AES encryption. Auto-wipe ('shred') temporary files using the U.S. Department of Defense standard (DoD 5220.22-M) to prevent misuse. Works with WinZip's password policies. Configure your password requirements in WinZip and WinZip Courier automatically enforces them when requesting a password.
  • Enterprise support: MSI installation allows enterprise administrators to easily customize and roll out WinZip Courier to their employees' desktops.
  • Update checking: Automatically check for updates to WinZip Courier. Whenever you start Outlook, if there is an update, you will be notified.
  • Alternate extensions: The alternate extension feature makes it easy for you to e-mail your zipped attachments to recipients whose e-mail security does not allow attachments with the ".zip" extension. Simply specify an alternate extension, and it will be used instead of ".zip".
  • Improved support of Word e-mail editor: The WinZip Courier ribbon or toolbar is available in e-mail messages being edited with the Word e-mail editor.


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