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WinZip Pro and WinZip Enterprise feature

WinZip Image Manager  

The WinZip® Image Manager gives you a fresh new way to manage, share, and confidently secure all your pictures in one dedicated app! After you have successfully downloaded and installed the update (see WinZip Apps), the Image Manager will open. The toolbar should look like this:


At the top left there is a standard, though small, icon for a menu. The file menu that you see will provide options to make a new image, open an existing one, save what is open, share it, and more.

In the Import section of the ribbon, you can click Image to open any supported picture file, Camera to import a picture directly from a digital camera or cell phone, or Scanner to directly import a picture after you have scanned it.

Once you have an image displayed, you may use the other buttons on the ribbon. Please do click the drop down menu in the View section. The default is to open your picture with the Size to fit setting and that will make your picture as large as the Image Manager window can allow. With photos, that can be good, but if you are working with a small item it may help or hinder you.

Then, in the Tools section, you have many photo and/or image editing options, including Crop, and Rotate options.