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Explorer (WinZip Options)

Select the Explorer tab from the WinZip Options window to control WinZip's® enhancements to Windows Explorer.

Explorer Enhancements

The Enable Explorer File Association Helper checkbox will enable/disable WinZip's File Association Helper application. If you double-click on a file in Windows Explorer or in a Zip file and the selected file is not currently associated with an existing application on your computer, the File Association Helper will open a dialog where you will be prompted to either search for an app online that can open the file or allow you to manually select an app on your computer that can open the selected file.

You can disable all of the Explorer enhancements by clearing the checkbox labeled Enable Explorer enhancements (including additional Drag and Drop features). If this box is checked, you can control the enhancements individually as follows:

Note: In order to change the checkbox setting for Enable Explorer enhancements (including additional Drag and Drop features), you will need administrative privileges. If required, Windows will present the User Account Control window so you may grant administrative privileges for this operation.

Context menu options

  • The Display context menu items in a submenu checkbox controls whether the WinZip Explorer context menu items are displayed in the main Explorer context menu or in a submenu.
  • The Display icons on context menus checkbox determines whether a small WinZip icon is displayed to the left of WinZip's Explorer context menu items.
  • The "Add to" includes folder information checkbox determines how folder information is stored when you right click a folder in Windows Explorer or My Computer and then choose Add to folder-name.zip(x) from the WinZip Explorer context menu. If this box is checked, folder information will be stored for all files added. If it is not checked, folder information will be stored only for files added from subfolders of the selected folder.

Include in context menu

You can use this list to enable or disable many of the WinZip Explorer context menu entries individually. Check the appropriate checkbox to include a command in the WinZip menu, or clear it to remove the command from the menu (see Explorer Context Menu Enhancements for descriptions of the individual commands).

Note: the command labeled Open unassociated archives with WinZip corresponds to the submenu entry Open with WinZip that appears for self-extracting archives, certain media player "skin" files, etc.

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