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Email tab (WinZip settings)

Select the Email tab from WinZip Settings to configure options and services in WinZip®'s built-in email program to be used in the various sharing and reporting features in WinZip.

Maximum attachment size

  • Send files using cloud link if file is larger than: When you email a WinZip file, you can either attach the file to the email or upload it to the cloud and send a link to the file. By default, WinZip will attach the file if it is 5MB in size or less; otherwise, it will upload the file to a cloud service and send a link. You can change the default maximum size by changing the 5 MB to another value. Note that you can always choose to link or attach using the Email button dropdown in the Unzip/Share or Create/Share tab.

Email program for sending messages

  •  Click Use WinZip's emailer if you want WinZip to use its built-in email support.
    • When composing an email, add me to the CC list: WinZip's built-in email support does not save sent emails. If you would like to have copies of sent emails, check this option and Winzip will add your address to the email's CC list. This way, you will receive a copy of the email for storage in your own email system. 
  • Click Use my email program to use your default email program, such as MS Outlook. Note that WinZip always uses its built-in email support for WinZip backup job notifications.

Email accounts for WinZip's emailer

  • Add: Click Add to create a new email account.
  • Remove: Select an existing email account in the list and click the Remove button to remove the account from the list.
  • Change: Select an account and click the Change button to change account information such as the service, user name, password, etc.
  • Set as default: At any time, only one email account is the default account. This is the account that will be used to send an email if you do not specify a different account. To change the default account, select the email account in the list and click the Set as Default button.
  • Rename: Click Rename to rename the selected email account. The account name is the name that is shown in the account list and wherever you need to specify an email account. When a new account is created, the account's email address serves as its name, but you can change this to a friendlier or more descriptive name, if you wish, such as, John Smith or Jane Doe.
  • Email services: Click the Email services button to create or change an email service to be used in creating or adding email accounts.


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