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Opening an Existing WinZip File

To open an existing archive, do the following:

  1. In the WinZip® Ribbon interface, move your cursor over Open in the File Tab and select WinZip File or one of the other options to open a file from your PC, a network location, or a cloud storage service (you may be prompted for login credentials). 
  2. Select the WinZip file you want to open in the resulting file picker window. Opening a WinZip file is just like opening a document in Word or a spreadsheet in Excel; the only difference is that you open a WinZip file instead of a document or spreadsheet. Use the combo box or address bar at the top, the files and folders list in the middle, or the navigation aids on the left (Favorites links or places bar if you're opening a local file, folder list if you're opening a cloud file) to browse to the appropriate folder. Then click on the archive you wish to open in the files and folders list in the middle of the dialog.
  3. Click the Open button after making your selection.

You can also click Favorites within the options to Open to see a list of files in your Favorite Zip Folders. To open an archive from this list, just double click its name. Favorites is located in the File Tab if you're using the application ribbon.

To list self-extracting archives or other archive types in the Open dialogs, select the Archives and .exe files entry in the Files of type combo box. Note: when self-extracting archives are listed in the open dialog box, all EXE files in the selected folder will be listed, even if they are not self-extracting archives. WinZip is not able to check whether a file is a self-extracting archive until it is opened.

See the section File Type Filters for details on the File Type filters in the Files of type combo box.