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The Settings Tab

The Settings tab of the WinZip® Ribbon allows you to set various options that affect how WinZip behaves.

This tab is divided into the following groups:

Multi-part Zip file

This group controls how WinZip behaves when you split a Zip file. 

  • Split: choose a size in the list or choose "Custom size" to tell WinZip the maximum size to use for each part when you are creating a new split Zip file.
  • Custom Size (MB): this field becomes available when you choose Custom size from the dropdown list in the Split field. Enter a custom size (in megabytes) in this field for WinZip to use when creating a split Zip file.


This group controls the compression method that WinZip uses when you choose to create or add files to a .zip or .zipx file.

  • .Zip: WinZip uses the selected compression method when you create a new .zip file or add files to an existing .zip file.
    • Maximum
    • Enhanced Deflate
    • Super fast
    • No compression
  • .Zipx: WinZip uses the selected compression method when you create a .zipx file or add to an existing .zipx file.
    • Best method
    • BZip
    • LZMA
    • PPMd
    • XZ
    • Zstd
    • Maximum
    • Enhanced Deflate
    • Super fast
    • No compression


  • Conversion Settings: Set preferences for encryption, photo reducing, removing personal data, converting photos to a different file type, PDF conversion, combining PDF files, and watermarking that are applied when files are added to your WinZip file if enabled in the Create/Share or Edit tabs. 
  • Social Media: Log into, or out of, social media accounts, or configure social media account settings.
  • Instant Messaging: Log into, or out of, instant messaging services, or configure IM service settings.
  • Cloud Services: Log into, or out of, cloud storage services; set the default cloud and sharing services; set the link shortening service.
  • Deletion Schedule: Click this button to display what you have scheduled to be deleted and then make changes to the day, how the deletion is to be done, or remove the item from the schedule.
  • WinZip Options: click this button to open the Configuration window.
  • Unzip Settings: click the button to display a list of options that affect unzipping:
    • Prompt Before Replacing Files: this option causes WinZip to always ask if you want to overwrite an existing file in the target unzip location if it has the same name as a file that you are unzipping.
    • Don't Replace Newer Files With Older Versions: this option prevents WinZip from overwriting a file in the destination unzip folder if a file with the same name but a newer time stamp already exists in that location.
    • Use Folder Names: When this option is checked, WinZip will unzip files and preserve any stored folder information. For example, if a file mytest.doc in the Zip file contains the stored path \level1\level2\, when you unzip mytest.doc into the folder c:\targetfolder, after the unzip is complete, the final path to mytest.doc will be c:\targetfolder\level1\level2\mytest.doc. If the option is unchecked, WinZip will unzip the files directly into the destination location without any folder information. Therefore, using the previous example, the final path to mytest.doc, with Use Folder Names unchecked, will be c:\targetfolder\mytest.doc.
    • Show Unzipped Files: enabling this option causes WinZip to point its Files pane to the location where files in the Zip have been extracted after the unzip process is complete.