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General tab (WinZip settings)

Open this tab from WinZip Settings to set options that pertain to the basic operation of WinZip®.

Basic preferences

  • Create new Zip files using the .zipx file type - When checked, WinZip will create .zipx files instead of .zip files. .Zipx files will use Best Method compression by default.
  • Use auto-open for Office files: If this option is checked, WinZip will automatically open an Office file (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.) when you open a WinZip file that contains a single Office document.
  • Restore all caution messages - Click this button to restore all caution windows that you have turned off (a caution window is "turned off" by checking its Do not display this dialog in the future checkbox).

Columns for table view

  • Select the columns that you want to appear in the file listing of the main WinZip window when the layout is set to Table view.
  • Tip: you can also choose columns right in the WinZip® window--just right click any column header and choose the columns you want from the shortcut menu. You can use your mouse to resize and hide columns by dragging the column dividers in the header area. You can also use your mouse to rearrange columns by dragging the column header from one location in the header area to another location.

Track Shared Files

Fill this check box to cause the Share Files folder to display in WinZip's File pane. Any files you share will then display in that folder.

Access from the cloud

  • Check WinZip settings/configuration to save your WinZip settings in a cloud service.
  • Check Recently used cloud files list to save the list in a cloud service.
  • Click ... to select a cloud service.

WinZip jobs

The option When a WinZip job file is double-clicked allows you to control the action that will be taken when a WinZip job file is doubled-clicked. There are currently two items from which to choose.

    • Edit the job: opens the job you in the Job Wizard.
    • Run the job: allows you to start jobs just by double-clicking on them. The first time that you double-click a job, you may receive a message warning regarding running jobs with which you are not familiar if the Prompt before running WinZip jobs checkbox is selected. This message dialog does have options to not display this message again for this particular job, run the job, or edit the job.

    Prompt to unzip when opening Zip files

    WinZip will ask you if you want to unzip the Zip files you open from the following places when the check boxes are filled.

    • From outside of WinZip
    • Using WinZip's File Open
    • From WinZip's File pane
    • From WinZip's Recent Zip Files

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