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Advanced tab (WinZip settings)

Select the Advanced tab from WinZip Settings to control these options:

File handling

  • Show comments when opening Zip files - When checked, WinZip will automatically display the Zip comment when you open a Zip file that contains a comment.
  • Beep after long archive operations - WinZip will beep after archive operations that take more than one second to complete when this option is chosen.
  • Store extended time stamps in Zip files - When checked, WinZip will store and restore more accurate NTFS extended time stamps.
  • Store Unicode filenames in Zip files - When checked, WinZip will store both the standard filename character format and, if necessary, the filename in Unicode format. Filenames are stored in Unicode format when they contain characters not contained in the ASCII character set. WinZip displays and extracts Unicode file names when they exist, making the contents of your Zip files more portable when shared in a global environment.
  • TAR file smart CR/LF conversion - When selected, this option determines if "smart" CR/LF conversion should be performed when extracting from TAR files. CR/LF is short for Carriage Return/Line Feed, the standard end of line indicator. This option can be useful when a TAR file contains text files created on a Unix or Macintosh machine. Unix text files usually contain lines ending in Line Feed characters only, and Macintosh text files usually contain lines ending in a Carriage Return character. The standard Windows Notepad program and many other Windows programs require a Carriage Return and Line Feed at the end of each line. When the TAR File smart CR/LF conversion option is in effect, WinZip determines whether to perform CR/LF conversion file inside a TAR file by looking at the first 80 characters in each file. If the file is a text file then single LF and CR characters are converted to CR/LF pairs so the file can be viewed by Notepad and other Windows viewers. Files are considered text when the first 80 bytes contain only characters with ASCII values between 0x20 and 0x7f, carriage returns, line feeds, form feeds, tabs, and other alphanumeric characters (as determined by the Windows IsCharAlphaNumeric API).
  • Require password to update or delete encrypted files - When checked, if you attempt to delete a file from a Zip file or update it AND that file is encrypted, WinZip will ask for the password. This is to help prevent unintentional changes to an encrypted file.
  • Optimize Zipx by saving identical files as references: When checked, WinZip will store duplicate files in Zipx files as "references." This means that, rather than compressing and storing the duplicate file, WinZip will store only a "reference" to the existing file; this can result in significant space savings.

    A "duplicate file" in this context means a file that is identical in size and content to a file that is already in the Zipx file but has a different name or is stored in a different folder.
  • Program to create self-extracting Zip files (Make Exe) - Sets the program that is used to create self-extracting (EXE) files from Zip files. By default, WinZip Self-Extractor Personal Edition, which is included with WinZip, is specified. You can choose to use the full WinZip Self-Extractor if you have it installed.

Share WinZip analytics

  • Help improve WinZip by sending anonimized statistics - When checked, WinZip will collect statistics of which features of WinZip are being used. No personally identifiable data will be collected.


  • Enable OpenCL GPU acceleration - If a supported video card is present, this option will be available. Check the checkbox if you would like WinZip to make use of GPU memory. This will increase the performance of WinZip in certain operations.
  • Enable WinZip preload for faster WinZip startup - When this is enabled, the WinZip preloader will start automatically when Windows starts up. The WinZip preloader will start certain services that are required by WinZip to run. This allows WinZip to start up faster since these services will already be running. This should not affect the normal performance of your computer.

Open cloud Zip file options

When you open a Zip file that is saved in a configured cloud service provider, WinZip can download just the list of files in the Zip file. Then, if you need to open or unzip just one file, only that portion of the Zip file will be downloaded. In this area, you choose whether WinZip does this on-demand (automatically), not at all, or only when your respond to a prompt.

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