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Photos tab (WinZip settings)

The Photos tab and features are only available with a WinZip Pro or WinZip Enterprise registration.

The Photos tab in WinZip Settings allows you to configure options for zipping pictures, audio, and video from digital still cameras using the WinZip Snap and Share feature.

Camera Import

This option controls which pictures will be retrieved from the camera.

  • Get all my pictures from the camera: WinZip will automatically retrieve all of the pictures stored on the camera.
  • Let me select the pictures I want: WinZip will display a dialog showing thumbnails of the pictures on the camera, allowing you to select the pictures you want WinZip to retrieve.

When retrieving pictures, also

These options control miscellaneous aspects of acquiring pictures and other files from your camera.

  • Rotate pictures when needed: This option instructs WinZip to rotate pictures, when possible, into the correct orientation (portrait or landscape) before zipping. This feature requires camera support; see Picture Rotation for more information.


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