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Toolbar (WinZip Options)

This topic is no longer relevant. This tab will only display on Windows XP.

Select the Toolbar tab from the WinZip Options Window to control these options:

  • Use old Explorer-style toolbar buttons - use this option to display toolbar buttons that are similar in appearance to the toolbar buttons used by Internet Explorer 6: the buttons appear in gray until the mouse pointer passes over them. This option is only selectable if Use large toolbar buttons is selected.
  • Use large toolbar buttons - use this option to display larger toolbar buttons.
  • Show button text - use this option to display the name of the button under the button graphic on the toolbar.
  • Show tooltips - use this option to enable the display of brief, pop-up text describing a button's function when your cursor pauses over a button.

Click Select Buttons to open the Select Buttons dialog box, which enables you to select and rearrange the toolbar buttons.

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