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Why didn't my attachment get zipped even though I've configured WinZip® Courier to automatically zip attachments?

By default, WinZip Courier will not zip certain single attachments. For example, it will not zip a single attachment that is already compressed, such as a Zip or CAB file. You can change this behavior using the Attachment Options window available on the WinZip Courier Options window.

My recipient's e-mail system rejects Zip files. Is there anything I can do?

Yes, you can configure WinZip Courier to use a different extension using the Attachment Options window accessed via the WinZip Courier Options.

Which should I choose, "legacy" or "best method " compression?

See Compression Methods.

How do I configure WinZip Courier?

You can access the WinZip Courier Options in Outlook:

  • Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016: On the Ribbon on the Home tab, click on WinZip Courier and select Options.
  • Outlook 2003: On the Outlook main menu, click on the WinZip Courier menu and select Options.

You can also access configuration options from the Start menu: click Start, then All Programs, then WinZip Courier, and finally Configure WinZip Courier.

You can also set options on a per-email basis for whether or not to Zip the attachments, whether or not to use a cloud service, whether or not to encrypt the attachments, etc. using the ribbon or toolbar on a new email message window.

Does the person to whom I'm sending zipped attachments need WinZip or WinZip Courier?

The recipient does not need WinZip Courier or any similar program. He or she must, however, have WinZip or another Zip file utility in order to open zipped attachments. Additionally:

  • If you use AES encryption, the receiver must have a Zip file utility that supports AES encryption, such as WinZip 9.0 or later.
  • If you use "best method" compression, the receiver must have a Zip file utility that supports "best method " compression, such as WinZip 12.0 or later.


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