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Using WinZip Courier with Outlook

WinZip® Courier will start automatically when you open Microsoft Outlook. You will use WinZip Courier to zip (compress) your e-mail attachments and if necessary, upload them to ZipShare or other cloud services.

There are two basic ways to use WinZip Courier in Outlook to zip your e-mail attachments. Both modes are very easy to use and allow you to encrypt the files in the Zip file.

  • Automatic: When you click the Send button, WinZip Courier automatically zips all files that are attached to your e-mail message. All of the attachments are zipped into one Zip file. You can temporarily disable automatic zipping for a message by clicking on the Zip Attachments button to deselect it.
  • Manual: Using the Attach File (Zipped) ribbon control on the Insert tab of a new email message in Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, or 2016, or the tbmanual.gif toolbar button while editing an e-mail message in Outlook 2003, you select the files that you want to zip and attach; WinZip Courier zips the selected files into a single Zip file and attaches the Zip file to the e-mail message. You can use manual zipping even if you have WinZip Courier set up to perform automatic zipping.

You can configure how you want WinZip Courier to interact with Outlook using either the WinZip Courier Options window or directly on the ribbon or toolbar of the new email message itself. Settings changes made on the WinZip Courier Options window will affect all email messages; whereas, changes that are made directly on the ribbon or toolbar in a new email message only affect that email.

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