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Working with Hotmail, Office365, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and Zoho

When sending an email using Microsoft email(Hotmail, Office365, or Live.com), GMail, Yahoo! Mail, or Zoho Mail, you can have WinZip Courier zip your attachments and convert them in the same manner that WinZip Courier does in Outlook. Note that the only supported browsers are Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome.

Using WinZip Courier in a supported web mail service, such as Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, etc, is simple! Just click the normal Attach File button in your web mail's new email window and you'll see WinZip Courier's Open window:

webmail window

This is a normal Windows Open dialog with a few extra options on it. To use it, just do the following:

  1. Browse to your files that you wish to send and select them.
  2. Check the checkboxes for the options that you want:
    • Zip files: this option will zip your selected attachments.
    • Encrypt and Zip files: this option will cause your attachments to be encrypted as they are added to the Zip file. You will be prompted for the password when the Zip file is created.
    • Don't Zip: Choose this if you want to convert your files, but not zip them.
    • Reduce images: this option will cause your supported images to be reduced in size as they are added to the Zip file.
    • Convert photos: when attaching photos of various types, you can choose to have Courier convert them all to one type of your choosing.
    • Remove personal data: when checked, will remove all information stored in your file's headers that points to you.
    • Watermark images: this option will cause your supported files to have a watermark inserted into them before being added to the Zip file.
    • Convert to PDF: this option will cause your supported files to be converted to a PDF before being addded to the Zip file.
    • Convert from PDF: this option will allow you to convert attached PDF files to other supported file types.
    • Combine PDFs: this option allows you to attach multiple PDF files that Courier will then combine into one file.
    • Sign PDF files: after you have configured a signature certificate, you can use this to digitally sign them in Courier.
  3. When you are ready, click Open.


WinZip Courier will then zip and convert your files if you selected any options. Then it will attach the created Zip file to your new email message or upload the Zip file to your selected cloud service and insert the download link into your email. Whether or not your attachment is uploaded to a cloud service is determined by your settings in the Configure Cloud Service window.

Another option on the Open dialog is the "Email from Cloud" button.  This button opens a Cloud Service Selection dialog.  Select a cloud service and log into the service, if needed, to gain access to your cloud files.  Select a file or files and press the "Email Link(s)" button, the selection dialog will close and insert links to the selected file(s) into your email message. 

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