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Brief Tutorial - The WinZip Window

Click on each tutorial topic, in sequence, to learn all about WinZip®:


image\B-U.gif 1. Introducing WinZip

image\B-D.gif 2. The WinZip Window

image\B-U.gif 3. Opening WinZip Files

image\B-U.gif 4. Viewing Files

image\B-U.gif 5. Unzipping Files

image\B-U.gif 6. Creating New WinZip Files

image\B-U.gif 7. Adding Files to a WinZip File

8. Deleting Files and Folders

image\B-U.gif 9. Custom Configurations

image\B-U.gif 10. Additional Features




The WinZip window is where you start many of your operations. You can open it through the Start menu or by double-clicking on the WinZip shortcut on your Desktop. The WinZip window also opens automatically if you double-click on a WinZip file in My Computer or the Windows File Explorer.

The following screenshots are only intended to illustrate the general components of the WinZip window. Your WinZip window may look different based on your version and window settings. Please see The Intuitive WinZip Interface in the knowledge base for up to date and more extensive information.

The WinZip ribbon interface:


The WinZip window includes standard Windows components. Of particular interest:

  • The Title Bar displays not just the WinZip product title but also the name of the WinZip file you currently have open.
  • The WinZip ribbon provides a simple interface that organizes menus and options for ease of use.
  • The Main Window Area displays information about the files contained in the WinZip file and you'll find, as we get further into this Tutorial, that many operations can be done directly with these files.
  • Finally, the Status Bar displays the number and sizes of currently selected files, along with other archive information.

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