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Brief Tutorial - Custom Configurations

Click on each tutorial topic, in sequence, to learn all about WinZip®:


image\B-U.gif 1. Introducing WinZip

image\B-U.gif 2. The WinZip Window

image\B-U.gif 3. Opening WinZip Files

image\B-U.gif 4. Viewing Files

image\B-U.gif 5. Unzipping Files

image\B-U.gif 6. Creating New WinZip Files

image\B-U.gif 7. Adding Files to a WinZip File

image\B-U.gif 8. Deleting Files and Folders

image\B-D.gif 9. Custom Configurations

image\B-U.gif 10. Additional Features




Many WinZip operations can be tailored using configuration options. For example, you can change the default folders for the Unzip and Add windows. Most options are intended for advanced users.

Many of the options and settings you might wish to change can be done in WinZip Settings that can be opened from the File tab.


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