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Brief Tutorial - Additional Features

Click on each tutorial topic, in sequence, to learn all about WinZip®:


image\B-U.gif 1. Introducing WinZip

image\B-U.gif 2. The WinZip Window

image\B-U.gif 3. Opening Archives

image\B-U.gif 4. Viewing Files

image\B-U.gif 5. Extracting Files

image\B-U.gif 6. Creating New Archives

image\B-U.gif 7. Adding Files to an Archive

image\B-U.gif 8. Deleting Archives and Files

image\B-U.gif 9. Custom Configurations

image\B-D.gif 10. Additional Features




This is the end of the Brief Tutorial. As you get to know WinZip better, be sure to explore the following more advanced features:


You may want to review the tutorial and explore some of the many links it contains by clicking the buttons above.


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