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The Create/Share and Edit Tab

The Create/Share and Edit tabs allow you to add and replace files in your Zip files and to perform certain conversions as files are added, such as resizing photos and adding watermarks.

The Create/Share tab appears when WinZip® is working with a new, unsaved Zip file. The Edit tab appears when WinZip is working with an existing Zip file. The ribbon contents are similar for both tabs.


This menu provides options that control which files are added and how they are added.


  • Click an existing filter in the upper portion to use the filter when adding files, or No Filters to add files without filtering. Please read about filters and how they are used in the Filters topic.
  • In the lower portion:
    • Click Add Filter to create a new filter in the Add - New Filter dialog.
    • Click Edit Filters to change one or more of the existing filters in the Edit Filter dialog.
    • Click Remove Filters to remove one or more of the existing filters.
  • You can also set these options on the Options tab of the Add - New Filter or Edit Filter dialog:
    • Full path information: when turned ON, the full path information from the root location for every added file will be saved. When this option is turned OFF (the default), only the relative path from the topmost selected file/folder is saved. For example, if testfile.txt is located in c:\level1\level2 and you elect to save the full path information, WinZip will save the complete path \level1\level2\testfile.txt.
    • Hidden/system files: when turned ON, files that are hidden or are considered to be system files by Windows will be included when adding files. When turned OFF (the default) hidden and system files will be skipped when adding files.
    • Unarchived files only: When turned ON, only files that have the archive attribute set will be included when adding files. The archive attribute indicates that the file has changes and has not been backed up yet. The archive attribute can be set manually by the user or it can be set automatically by Windows when a file is modified.  When turned OFF (the default), all files, regardless of the status of the archive bit, will be included when adding files.
    • Reset archive bit of added files: When turned ON, WinZip will clear the archive bit on any added files that have it set to indicate that the files have been backed up.  When turned OFF, no change will be made to the archive bit of any added files.

Convert Files As They Are Added group

  • Encrypt: Enable this option to encrypt files as they are being added to the Zip file (encryption will remain enabled until you click it again). The Encrypt window will open to allow you to enter the password before the selected files are added to the Zip file.
  • Reduce Photos: Enable this option to reduce the size of photos and other images as they are added. This feature allows you to reduce size of files in the Zip, making sharing easier while leaving your original photos and images unaffected.
  • Remove Personal Data: Enable this option to remove all personal data from photos and documents. This includes things such as the author of a document or the location of a photo.
  • Convert Photos: Enable this option to convert photos you are adding to a Zip file to another photo file type. The types available are BMP, GIF, JPG, JP2, PNG, PSD, TIF, and WEBP.
  • Convert to PDF: Enable this button to convert Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint files, and image files (JPG, PNG, TIF, BMP, EMF, EXIF, ICON, WMF, CCITT, and GIF) to PDF format as they are added.
  • Watermark: Enable this option to add a custom watermark to image files (JPG, PNG, TIF, BMP, and GIF) and PDF documents as they are added.


Note that conversions may be applied to existing files that are already in the Zip file, by choosing the desired conversions in WinZip's  Actions pane and selecting the Apply to all files in the Zip selection of the Options drop down menu, also on the Actions pane.  Note, too, that the way WinZip applies conversions is affected by the Conversion Settings in the Settings tab and on the Actions pane.

Add to Zip group

  • From PC or Cloud: Click to add files and folders from your PC, network locations, or supported cloud storage services.

Save groups

  • To PC or Cloud: Click to save changes you have made to the current Zip file to your local PC, a network location, or supported cloud storage services.

Share group

The controls in the Share group make it easy to share your WinZip file, or files from the cloud, with others. You can email the files or links to the files, or you can send links via social media.

  • Share using Email: Click the upper half of the button to send your files via email. Click the lower half to set options:
    • Click As attachment to send your files as email attachments.
    • Click Using cloud to upload your files to a cloud service and send a link to the uploaded files via email.
    • Click Choose automatically if you want WinZip to decide which option to use, based on the file size.
    • Click Settings to open the email settings dialog, where you can set the desired size for Choose automatically.
  • Share using Other: Click to choose from 3 options:
    • Social Media will send links to your files via Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.
    • Instant Messaging will send links to your files via Twitter, Google Hangouts, Jabber, or Office 365 Groups.
    • Windows Charms allows you to to choose a Windows Charm (app) to use for sharing your file, after it has been uploaded to a cloud service. These include the built-in Mail app, copying the link, Microsoft OneNote, and more.
  • Expire Files: Click to toggle the Expire Files option on or off. The second option on the drop down menu allows you to set or reset the Expiration period.
  • What to Share: Click to specify what you want to share.
    • This Winzip file: Choose this option if you want to share the currently open WinZip file.
    • File(s) from cloud: Choose this option if you want to share files from a cloud storage service. WinZip will obtain a link to each file you select and then share them via email or social media. The email options described above do not apply in this case, as only links will be shared.

WinZip Express group

The WinZip Express features allow you to perform tasks related to zipping and sharing files in fewer steps.

  • Zip and Share: Click to create a new Zip, from selected files in the open Zip, that can be saved locally or to a cloud storage service, emailed, and/or shared via social media or instant messaging. Optionally apply encryption, image size reduction, conversion of documents to PDF and watermarking while zipping.
  • Snap and Share: (WinZip Pro and Enterprise) Click to acquire photos and videos from camera devices attached to your PC and add them to a new or open Zip file.  Optionally rotate images, apply encryption, image size reduction, and watermarking while zipping and share via email, social media and/or instant messaging.
  • Scan and Share: (WinZip Pro and Enterprise) Click to scan as PNG, BMP, JPG or PDF files, documents from scanner devices attached to your PC, and add them to a new or open Zip file. Optionally apply encryption, image size reduction, and watermarking while zipping and share via email, social media and/or instant messaging.