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WinZip Options (Configuration)

The WinZip Options window allows you to customize many WinZip® options. To open the window, click WinZip Options in the Settings tab of the ribbon.

Click on any tab title for further information on its content.

  • The General tab controls the appearance of the main WinZip window and some basic operations of WinZip.
  • The Email tab lets you set up email accounts and services for WinZip jobs and the built-in email program.
  • The Photos tab lets you set the options for Snap and Share (WinZip Camera Wizard).
  • The Integration tab provides options for controlling WinZip's integration with File Explorer (Windows Explorer).
  • The Explorer tab provides options for configuring WinZip's Windows Explorer enhancements.
  • The Updates tab provides options for configuring if and when WinZip checks for available, newer versions of WinZip.
  • The Folders tab offers choices for extract, add, temporary, unzip and try, and working folders.
  • The Passwords tab provides password policy options.
  • The Tools tab offers options for the included background tools. These include whether to enable/disable, schedule the frequency, and set the time of day and starting date.
  • The Contacts tab gives you the ability to add or change the sources of your Contacts lists which are used in the Combined Address Book in the internal email system.
  • The Advanced tab includes general options that control how WinZip handles files and certain performance options.


Note: in order to change certain settings in the System and Explorer Enhancements tabs using WinZip's Configuration window, you will need administrative privileges. If the setting change requires administrative rights, you will be presented with the User Account Control window.