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Receiving and Preparing Files for Decoding

The message you receive with an encoded file will need to be prepared for the simple WinZip® decoding operation. The steps you take will depend on the e-mail program you are using.

For example, if you are using MSMail:

  1. Highlight the message (DO NOT open it; large messages are not handled well by MSMail).
  2. Select Save As from the File menu item.
  3. Enter a file name using .UUE as the extension--for example: FILENAME.UUE.

If you are using another e-mail program, a method similar to the above may also work with your program. Be aware that some e-mail programs may crash or cut off parts of unusually large messages, so saving them as files without opening them is the preferred method.

Your e-mail program may save a message attachment as an external file in a folder designated to receive them. In that case, it may automatically be named; you may wish to rename it using a .UUE extension for maximum convenience.

Sometimes you may receive multiple messages where a file is split up into more than one message because of size limitations. You will need to use a text editor or the DOS COPY file command to paste the files together into one large file and save it as a text file with a .UUE extension.


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