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WinZip Pro feature

Choose your download options (Camera Wizard)

This operation requires Windows XP or later.

In this panel you will choose which files the WinZip® Camera Wizard will download from your camera and whether WinZip should auto-rotate pictures as they are downloaded.

Which pictures do you want to get from your camera?

This option specifies which pictures will be retrieved from your camera. The choices are:

  • Get all my pictures: WinZip will download all of the pictures on your camera.
  • Let me select the pictures I want: Before downloading begins, WinZip will display a dialog showing thumbnails of the pictures on your camera. Select the picture(s) you want by clicking them.

Rotate pictures when needed

If this option is checked, WinZip will attempt to automatically rotate any pictures taken in "portrait" orientation before they are compressed and stored in the Zip file.

This feature must be supported by your camera; see Picture Rotation for full information.

If the camera contains videos, get all videos

If this option is checked, WinZip will download any video files that it finds on the camera.

Get audio files associated with selected pictures

If this option is checked, WinZip will download any audio files it finds that can be associated with the pictures you have selected.

Get miscellaneous (unknown) files found in the camera

If this option is enabled, WinZip will download any files it finds on the camera that are not identified by Windows as pictures, audio, or video. These files are most commonly "raw" image files; see the Camera Support FAQ for further information.

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